Central-heating-a-radiato-008There is a time when that boiler or gas fire needs replacing, or you just need someone to fit that newly delivered cooker.  RADS can offer all of these services at a competitive price and with reliable service.   Full Central Heating systems are no problem with our expert fitters able to give your house a new wave of warmth with the minimum of disruption.  With top quality components and pipework, you can be assured your system will be trouble free for years to come.

boiler1We source our boilers from the best suppliers and manufacterers in the market and can help you choose a model to suit you and your house’s needs.   Many years of experience allows us advise on replacement and relocated appliances and we ensure that you are made fully aware of any additional work needed to complete the job front.    We make sure that your boiler is fitted to only the highest British safety standards and our suppliers ensure you the boiler you need at the right price.

Our gas fires will warm your room and leave you feeling happy with a great job.  As with our boilers, we only supply the best fires in their class, along with only the best quality supplies to complete the work.   We can make your fire the centre piece of your room with top quality fireplaces.   We also have a network of trusted tradesman we can use if any building or other work is required and are managed by us.